A grateful mum

One of our mums has been in hospital a long way from home, we have helped with helping her son see her during this time. Her son has special needs so it was very difficult for him to understand why mum was away and to cope with not seeing her. She wrote this note to thank us.
“Last weekend’s visit. J (Son) saw me standing and taking a few steps with aids. He got very emotional as he cannot remember me walking it has been 6 years. J being able to visit me at weekends whilst I am in a specialist hospital in London over 120 miles from home. I have been here since the 1st July. Hopefully but not confirmed yet I will be home end Sept/Oct this year. J became very withdrawn as he could only come to visit once a month due to financial constraints. Since being awarded this grant he has become happier, engaging again, joining in on thing’s at home and looking forward to coming to see me at the weekends. It’s wonderful to see my son and husband each week but more amazing to see him happy again. Thank you.”