Life in a Naval family can be hard, with long periods of seperation and dealing with deployment.

Particularly for younger children who can struggle to understand
why mummy or daddy are away for so long.

Our specially commisioned books can help you talk to your child/children about this and help explain how they may be feeling and what they may be experiencing during these times.

To recieve a free copy of our books please email:

Remember to include your name and address as well as telling
us which of the books you would like to receive.

Henry is themed around mummy going away, Zoe is about daddy going away. Knit the Family tackles the impact of the cycle of deployment on the family.

For a digital copy please click on the following links:

Calling all knitters

We need you! Our free books feature knitted rabbits/penguins or families that our children love. Where we can we send out a set of knitted rabbits or penguins with the books – so could you help us by knitting us some? You will find links to the patterns below.