Life Chances Programme


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The Naval Children’s Charity have developed our life chances programme to offer opportunities to all our children and young people, not just those where families are in crisis or in need of immediate financial support. These are opportunities where young people can come together with other Naval children, bond over shared backgrounds and lifestyles, have fun and discover new experiences, some of which may lead on to future careers.  There will be opportunities to suit all different children including where there is disability or illness.   They are outlined below, keep your eyes posted as other opportunities become available and click on the links to find out more.  To get updates on new opportunities sign up to our newsletter which is sent out monthly

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Tall Ships Youth Trust

Sailing Adventures for young people

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Forces Children’s Trust

A week’s adventure holiday in the Lake District – 19th-23rd August 2024


Learn about Creative Careers and explore pathways into Creative Work.

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Leaders Unlocked

Have your voice heard and help to Revamp the Life Chances we offer you.

Over the Wall

Mischievous and Magical residential camps for children and young people with health challenges and disabilities.


Take control of your summer and have the adventure of a lifetime.

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Youth Crew

Free week-long beginner sailing courses for children and young people aged 11-17.

Forces Employment Charity

Identifying skills, strengths, aspirations, and teamwork, and translating children’s experiences into transferable work-life skills.