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About us

The Naval Children’s Charity has been helping Naval Children since 1825, for nearly 200 years. If you serve or have served in the Naval Service (Royal Navy, Royal Marines, QARNNS, WRNS, Reserves or Royal Fleet Auxiliary) and you have a child/children up to and including the age of 25 we may be able to help you. Click on Need our Help? and find out more.

We are based in Portsmouth and cover the UK and Commonwealth. We are a small team of five in the office and have a wonderful Trustee Board who support us in what we do.

Based in Castaway House alongside other Naval charities such as the RNBT we are able to work closely with them to ensure we can deliver support to children quickly and effectively.

Orginally orphanages, we now use the money from them as a Fund to cover our operating costs which means that every grant and donation – every £1 raised for us goes directly to one of our children.

We help around 2000 children directly each year and many thousands more through our resources and work with communities and other organisations.

We believe that…to be the child of someone who is, or has been, in the Naval Service should be a positive and enhancing experience – something to be borne with pride. For those children where life is more difficult, we are there to help.

Meet our team

Clare Scherer

Chief Executive
023 9263 9536

Sara Smith

Head of Welfare
023 9263 9534

Paris Brimecome

023 9263 9534

Sharon Noble

Events & Supporters Co-ordinator
023 9263 9534

Susan Wall

023 9263 9534

President, Vice Presidents and Trustees

Lt Gen Sir James Dutton
Mrs Sheila Owens-Cairns
Vice President
Mr Kevin Arnold
Trustee Finance Committee
Cdr David Orton RN
Trustee Welfare Committee

Lt Ed Stout RN
Welfare Committee

RAdm Mike Bath RN Vice President
Mr Alistair Sheppard OBE
Chair of Trustees
Chair Finance Committee
Mrs Jennie Brent
Trustee Welfare Committee
Ms Ellen Riis-White
Marketing Committee
Dr Miranda Whitehead
Welfare Committee
Lt Gen Ed Davis CB CBE
Vice President
RAdm Martin Connell CBE RN
Vice Chair of Trustees
Finance Committee

LT Col Ian Grant RM
Finance Committee

Cdr Heather Rimmer MBE RN
Chair of Welfare Committee
Maj Gen FHR Buster Howes CB
Vice President
Mr Ian Pitts
Treasurer / Trustee
Finance Committee
Lt Col Ed Musto RM
Welfare Committee

WO1 Claire Robson
Welfare Committee

Work with us or volunteer

If you would like to volunteer for us we would love to hear from you. We have opportunities in our office in Portsmouth and around the UK helping at some of the events we attend. Please contact us if you can help us.

There are no job vacancies at the Naval Children’s Charity at present.


If you could spare us some time helping at one of our events or a few hours in the office we would love to hear from you.

Get Involved

If you would like to volunteer for us or raise us some funds
please get in touch.

How we can help you

The Naval Children’s Charity supports children up to and including the age of 25 whose parent(s) serve or have served in the Naval Service: Royal Navy, Royal Marines, QARNNS, WRNS, their Reserves and the RFA. If you need information or advice regarding support for your child(ren) please fill in the form to the best of your knowledge. One of our caseworkers will then contact you.

If you would prefer to call us we can be contacted on 023 9263 9534, our office hours are 0830-1600 Monday to Thursday and 0830-1300 on Friday.


If you would like to volunteer or raise funds to help us support Naval Children enter your details below and we will get in touch with a volunteer pack