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Our partnership with the Forces Employment Charity

The Forces Employment Charity offers the military community life-long, life-changing support. The Families Programme support extends to Service children and young adults aged 16-24. The programme provides free mentorship, resources, and access to events to help individuals on their career journey.

The charity’s dedicated advisors have experience in military life and understand the importance of supporting the whole Service family, in finding fulfilling careers. Advisors will tailor support based on the unique needs of each client. Sessions can boost confidence, help widen aspirations, and explore different pathways into employment. By registering, young people can get help writing their first CV, preparing for interviews, and much more.

How it works..

We are collaborating with the Forces Employment Charity through our Life Chances Programme. Together, our organisations support children from naval families who are embarking on the Tall Ship Empowerment Voyages. The initiative will help participants understand and leverage their skills and experiences toward finding fulfilling and sustainable careers.

Following each voyage, the Forces Employment Charity will conduct dynamic activities and workshops. These sessions will help young people articulate their experiences and identify transferrable skills from their onboard. The charity invites participants aged 16 to 24 years old to register for one-to-one career support.

The Forces Employment Charity delivers ongoing support virtually, adapting to each individual’s preferred communication method, whether online, over the phone, or via email. All Forces Employment Charity staff working with children and young people are subject to enhanced DBS checks for safety and security. All communications are logged meticulously. Parents interested in engaging with their child’s caseworker can easily schedule a call.

Register with the Forces Employment Charity for bespoke career advice !


How we can help you

Apply for Financial Assistance using the Lightning Reach portal.

For applications for financial assistance you can apply by clicking on Register for Help below which will take you to the Lightning Reach portal. This platform is provided by our trusted partner, Lightning Reach, a social impact startup which uses secure technology to make the application process as quick and safe as possible for you.

A simple 3 step process
  1. Register and complete your profile here
    When asked to specify which of the Armed Forces you have served in, make sure to select ‘Royal Navy’, ‘Royal Marines’, ‘Merchant Navy in support of the Armed Forces’ or from the roles / industries list to ensure you are matched to Naval Children’s Charity.

  2. Once you’ve completed your profile, you should receive a support match to The Naval Children’s Charity. Click ‘continue’ to complete and submit your application.

  3. Provide your supporting evidence and submit your application to The Naval Children’s Charity.

Once your application has been made a caseworker will be in touch as soon as possible, this is usually within 3 days.

The profile you create on the Lightning Reach portal can also help you to find and apply for support from other support organisations easily and securely. We recommend that you submit your application to The Naval Children’s Charity first before submitting applications to other organisations.

For help with completing your application, visit Lightning Support and search for ‘The Naval Children’s Charity’.

If you have a question or not sure what help you need and require information or advice please use this online form.

Alternatively, If you would prefer to call our casework team, we can be contacted on 023 9263 9534, our office hours are 0830-1600 Monday to Friday.

How we can help you

The Naval Children’s Charity supports children up to and including the age of 25 whose parent(s) serve or have served in the Naval Service: Royal Navy, Royal Marines, QARNNS, WRNS, their Reserves and the RFA. If you need information or advice regarding support for your child(ren) please fill in the form to the best of your knowledge. One of our caseworkers will then contact you.

If you would prefer to call us we can be contacted on 023 9263 9534, our office hours are 0830-1600 Monday to Thursday and 0830-1300 on Friday.