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See some of the children we have helped and some of our Supporter’s stories below. We are also featuring some of the organisations we work with that you may find interesting.

Cost of living crisis: 4 resources for Naval families

The UK is in the midst of its worst cost of living crisis since the 1970s. Food, energy, broadband, council tax and petrol prices are steadily increasing, with wages lagging

Naval Children’s Charity partners with local Portsmouth business Sirius Analysis

While we view ourselves as a truly national charity, the reality of supporting Naval families means a lot of our efforts take place in a few key locations.  The concentration
MadeInTheNavy Bib

Made In The Navy – Naval Baby Bibs

Every year, around 600 babies are born to serving Naval personnel. That’s a lot of new members in our thriving community!  We wanted to provide Naval families with a little
Arctic Star

Naval Children’s Charity Arctic Star Writing Competition

Arctic Star Short Story Competition Open to Naval children aged between 8 and 16 yrs old. In conjunction with Tom Palmer, author of the Arctic Star novel, whilst celebrating and

Naval Children’s Charity Board of Trustees announces new Chair

The Board of Trustees of the Naval Children’s Charity (NCC) are delighted to announce that Mr Christopher Tite will succeed Mr Alistair Sheppard OBE as the new Chair of the

Educational grants: funding Marco’s studies

At the Naval Children’s Charity, we’re proud to help young people achieve their academic potential. Marco was struggling to finance his studies and was working two jobs to make ends

Raising money for the NCC – Nic and Andy’s story

Two members of the Navy walked the length of Hadrian’s Wall earlier this summer to raise funds on our behalf. Documenting the whole trek over Facebook, here’s a summary of

Celebrating during periods of deployment

Separation is part and parcel of military life. Naval families often face longer periods of deployment, resulting in missing landmarks such as Father’s and Mother’s Day or birthdays. Here are

Naval Children’s Charity awarded Royal Navy Team Commendation

Award recognises the charity’s efforts in bettering the life of Naval children during the Covid-19 pandemic

How we can help you

The Naval Children’s Charity supports children up to and including the age of 25 whose parent(s) serve or have served in the Naval Service: Royal Navy, Royal Marines, QARNNS, WRNS, their Reserves and the RFA. If you need information or advice regarding support for your child(ren) please fill in the form to the best of your knowledge. One of our caseworkers will then contact you.

If you would prefer to call us we can be contacted on 023 9263 9534, our office hours are 0830-1600 Monday to Thursday and 0830-1300 on Friday.