Navigating Grief - A booklet for parents, careers and young people

The Naval Children’s Charity approached Child Bereavement UK asking if they could establish an Advisory Group of bereaved young adults from Naval families to explore their experience of grief and see if they could find a way to support other bereaved children and young people. Child Bereavement UK have been running facilitated support groups for young people for many years and their experience shows that bereaved young people gain a great deal from meeting with others in a similar situation. The group benefited enormously personally from the experience and these booklets, developed by them, contain a wealth of information for other children, young people and their parents and carers who are experiencing similar bereavements. This guide will be enormously helpful to other, helping them to find ways to cope with their grief and to know that they are not alone. One unique factor in the guide for young people is the letters the group have written to other bereaved children, offering empathy and understanding of what they are going through. You can also listen to each letter by clicking on the listen link beneath each of their photographs.

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A Guide for Parents & Carers

A booklet for Parents and carers with a focus on understanding how those, bereaved earlier in life, has formed them and what could be done to help support through into adulthood.

A Guide for Young People

A booklet for children from the age of 7+ with tips on how to cope

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Meet the young people

This book has been written by young people supported by the Naval Children’s Charity who attended CBUK groups for bereaved young people. They have also recorded a audio verison of their letters to young people. Listen below.