It is important to us that we understand the issues facing our children and the impact of being part of the Armed Forces family both serving and ex-serving. We therefore aim to develop our own reserach into areas that concern our children and their lives as well as keeping abreast of other relevant research.

Following on from our research last year we commissioned further research into how children communicate with their parents when separated, either through deployment or circumstances, to help inform how we can collaborate and work in partnership to support them through these periods of separation.

The Naval Children’s Charity has commissioned the Veterans & Families Institute for Military Social Research at Anglia Ruskin University to research the challenges faced by military families in the UK

Overlooked Casualties of Conflict Report 2009

In 2009 we produced a report which identified the 10 key challenges facing Naval children above and beyond those of civilian children. Following the report there was interest in Parliament with several Early Day Motions. Ofsted produced a paper on the quality and impact of partnership provision for Service Children in May 2011 and in the same year the Service Pupil Premium was introduced.